Saturday, April 23, 2005

update: life and loathing and movies in Tennessee

I know it's been a while since I've posted, but life has been hectic and strange. Marvin inherited Miss Odessa's house, so we have been very busy with the estate, and settling her last wishes as stated in her will. The contents of her house are to be divided among the three children, so we've all been doing lots of cleaning and organizing at the house. She never threw anything away, so a lot of sorting and disposal of items that should have been discarded long ago have had to take place before the good items can be selected. There are a lot of items that will remain in the house, mainly because they are more like family traditions, such as her Christmas decorations. I plan to continue decorating the house in a similar style to hers. I took some photos and then a couple of my coworkers designed a Christmas website around her indoor Christmas decorations. You can check it out at: This is a great website and very professionally done.

We are planning on adding new carpeting and painting the rooms differently as our budget permits. We are working with the computer/game room at the moment. We will move all of the furniture out and then patch the walls and paint them. We have decided to paint that room a sandy color. We found this very cute seascape border, complete with Adirondack chairs, that we will place at the top near the ceiling. Then we will move back in several desks that have Nintendo game stations and a few computers set up for gaming. We plan on adding DSL internet service when we move in and network a few computers together. If you haven't seen it in action, DSL is da bomb! As soon as you click on something, it automatically loads the page. There is also a huge bookcase full of videotapes. Miss Odessa loved to tape movies. At three movies per tape, she probably had around three thousand movies on tape. We are working on cataloging these tapes and printing out a synopsis of each movie, and make these tapes available to relatives who would like to watch them. It will be a sort of video library for us all. She would have liked that. It will take several notebooks to fit all of the synopses. There is an excellent website: that lists details on just about every movie ever made. The proper title for this website is The Internet Movie Database. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves watching movies.

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