Wednesday, October 11, 2006

House Update

My house. I have really just recently felt comfortable with calling it my house. Under normal situations, when most people move into a house, the previous occupants have vacated the premises. We have had to put most of our belongings in the swimming pool area while waiting on Marvin and his siblings to divide the contents as were his mother's intention in her will.

Marvin's mom was from the "old school" when it came to conserving your resources. She never threw anything away, and I emphasize the word "anything." Even if it was broken, she still kept it. No waste in that house! Keeping everything leads to having a lot of clutter. I guess we're all guilty of hoarding our belongings. I still have the stuffed rabbit from my first Easter ever. My name "Janna Rose" is barely legible on its ragged ear.

Due to the sheer volume of items in the house, we had to move Miss Odessa out in stages. We started out with dividing big furniture and the appliances room first. A few months later, we divided her Christmas nick-nacks. This summer, we worked our way through the Tupperware room, a room that is full of wall shelves and a long counter holding Tupperware and all of her serving dishes. Our church had a yard sale last weekend, and we donated boxes of items that we no longer needed. I figure that we are halfway through unpacking now.

I can finally start moving my things where they need to be in the house. I have a large collection of books, and they will go into the Tupperware room. This will be my room for books, writing, painting, and arts & crafts. Marvin gets the utility room next to it for his workshop area. He's going to move everything out and organize it to his liking.

I have this vision of one day having everything in its place. We have a deadline of Christmas Eve, the evening of our banquet. I think that it's doable. Yes I do.

Noah Bryant

Last Saturday, Marvin and I met Jonathan and family for dinner at Applebee's. Noah finally has made his first trip to West Tennessee. He is four months old now, and is a very sweet baby. We received a photo frame card for Grandparent's Day, and he already looks like he will take after his dad, always "up to something." The look on his face was just precious! Jonathan sent me a cute pix message about a week ago too. Noah was lying in his crib giggling. Can't tell that I'm a proud grand' ma, could you?

As I've always said before, a step grandchild is special to me because the love I have for him comes straight from my heart, and that is always special.

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