Saturday, August 18, 2012

California Here We Come

Today starts the first leg of our journey. I've been training for this trip to California all week, trying to get accustomed to the Pacific time zone. I've stayed up most of the night to fool my body into thinking that I live in a time zone 2 hours earlier and still waking up at the proper time to be at my job. I toughed it out & now at 3:21am, it is me sitting in the airport lounge watching over our luggage while my hubby sleeps peacefully beside me.

This is a long-awaited reunion, the first one our cousins have had since 2006. My California family has made many treks to Arkansas, and it is finally their time to host a reunion, so I feel that it is my honour to make the journey to see them once again.

My uncle, aunt and cousins packed up their Cadillac and drove for two days to make it back to see us every year. Their halfway stop was always Tucumcari, New Mexico. Those were the days of cheap gas and endless summers.

Marvin & I are looking forward to playing tourist in California.

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